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my dream was to make my own yarn for the creations of my own projects. There is beautiful yarn available, I know, but I like the idea to create something from scratch and to learn new skills. 

First step... learn about the spinning wheel.

I did a lot of research after this craft and it has a very rich history. Did you know that the first spinning wheel was invented in India between 500 and 1000 A.D.? It replaced the earlier method of hand spinning with a spindle and was very important to increase the productivity of thread making. 

But it became something old-fashioned and there were a lot of spinning wheels moved to the attic or into the fire. However, more and more people are discovering the beauty of this craft. Me included!

I can really advice you, before buying a wheel, take some lessons because there is a lot of difference between wheels. Buy one that you like. I took lessons at the wool farm Blij bezuiden. It was great! Janny learned me, not only how to use a wheel, but also the difference between yarns, how to comb,... I bought one from Ashford Wheels. There are many other brands on the market or you can also choose to buy one second hand to start with, but do inform you well. 

In an earlier post I wrote about the sheepskin from the sheeps of my uncle. So after I took the lessons, I couldn't wait to start with this. And yes, after a couple of times trial and error... I got my own yarn!

 I named it 'Tante Kee' after the aunt of my mum who lived on the same farm as my uncle many, many years ago.

(Her real name was 'Cornelia' and that is a popular name in my family e.g. we named our son 'Corneel'.)

I am very proud of the result. Know thinking what I can make with it.

Lots of love